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Manufacturer of custom stainless boat parts, stanchions, bow pulipits, stern rails and accessories
marine stainless fabricators
(810) 987-4837
(810) 987-4837
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We Don't Do Can't

White Water Marine Inc. brings more than a century's worth of cumulative experience in the manufacture of custom and production stainless steel products. Owners Tom Heering and Mike Klaas, alone, combine for more than 50 years of experience. We began as a regional company, supplying much of southeastern Michigan's need for specialty items and OEM parts. Today our customers range all across North America. We work everywhere and ship anywhere.

Marine items we have fabricated include almost anything that can be made from stainless plate or tube. Bow pulpits, stern rails, radar arches, grab handles, console rails, swim ladders, stanchions, bases, are just some of the items we are capable of supplying. We also have a powerboat deck on which we can fabricate virtually any size rail. We have built rails on this deck ranging from 7/8" diameter and 10 foot long to 1- 1/ 4" diameter and 36 feet long.

If you're a builder, we want to be your supplier of OEM custom stainless deck fixtures. We feel we can offer a higher quality product, delivered on time, at a competitive price.

If you own a vintage boat, we want to be your go-to source for replacement fittings. We are positioned to do that thanks to one of our most valuable soft assets. It's a database containing OEM specs for most North American production boats dating back to the 1960s.

The list includes prolific brands such as O’Day, Pearson, S-2, Sabre sailboats, Gemini G-105 MC, naming just a few. Much of that stainless was fabricated by two predecessor companies, Tops In Quality and High Seas. We acquired their databases and have continued to build them out. White Water Marine also is a preferred source for J/Boat replacement lifeline stanchions, bow pulpits, stern rails and more. If we don't have the OEM specs, we can reproduce the part from your measurements and drawings. In rare cases we might want you to ship us the broken part. All of this is more economical than you might think.

We're not just there for boats whose builders have faded into legend. We work for some well-known builders who are alive and well. Almost all of them however prefer that you start with them if you need a replacement part. There are a few exceptions like J/Boats, for whom we are a long-time supplier, but in general please contact your builder first if your builder is still in business.

Finally, If you're a marina operator or architect, we want to be your source for beautiful and functional stainless steel safety railings. It's a growing segment for us, especially among bluewater ports on the East Coast.

Please browse our website but also please remember that our custom capabilities don't fit comfortably inside any box. Contact us today about your one-of-a-kind stainless project.